Thursday, November 17, 2011

SOA exams

SOA exams

I will update this post to talk about these exams for financial students.

These exams are US based for actuarial purposes, and they are generally thought to be very tough.

The Exams happen at Prometric centers in India, when I inquired in March 2012 they were in Hyderabad.

Path to ASA the one thing that makes most sense of Actuarial for finance guys.

There are aprox 5 papers to pass to get to ASA with other requirement.

To start with we have two main area:
  1. Prob
  2. Financial Maths
Then next level it becomes all about Actuarial exams.

  1. Models for Financial Economics
  2. Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models
  3. Life Contingencies Exams
These are 3 exams of Actuarial Models
    Even if I do not want to give the 3 Actuarial exams I still would give these two exams.

    I will put here some stuff to help you understand the Actuarial Model.

    Conclusion: SOA introduction

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