Sunday, November 20, 2011

Read the questions: Reading Skills & Exam strategy for CFA, FRM etc [continued]

Reading the questions is very important especially in Ethics, focus on these areas in my mock exams taken by the coaching institute:

Post Exam experience:
  1. Do each question of Curriculum and Scz
  2. Memorize each formula (everyone knows this, but believe me it is imp)
  3. More tiny and cliche points
  4. Each line of Scz
  5. Small things
  6. Small difference in options
Some general Strategy:
  • Play time bound game
  • Improve your reading comprehension skills
  • Look at triggers, adjectives, extreme words and short down your answer to violation vs no violation
  • Do short calculations by hand, don't worry about Calculator
  • Least likely still a thing that gives trouble
  • Ethics is about identification about breach with respect to the rules
  • Ethics is like law, intention and acts if any goes wrong you will be punished
  • Astrology, photocopying is all banned
  • Soft dollar is something very interesting that you must know
  • Confidence is the key in this exam
  • Cash means cash in FRA, dont read it wrong
  • In ethics read the entire case slowly to understand which is primary violation, this depends on your reading skills 
  • Lease likely vs most likely 
  • Maintain the same energy level, and keep energy level very high
  • never take yourself in extreme pressure scenarios by not following the time bound game
  • not let any negative thoughts come into your mind
  • Leave the extreme tough questions for the last
  • Many questions are straight from the book like FSA (in the internal exams)
  • Your leg and back might pain so keep them healthy
  • etc
Exam is like any other exam.

Raw List of Topics:
  • Why subsidies causes loss
  • Intersection of marginal cost and average cost
  • technical analysis
  • ratios
  • spot rates
  • expectation theory fixed income
  • nopat
  • portfolio
  • sml cml
  • jenson alpha portfolio
  • tym vs ror current rates
  • baesal 3
  • ltcm
  • basket of currency
  • Swedish society website
  • Capitalization
  • 10k, 10q, 20f US and other things regarding reporting of USA
  • Harry Markowitz introduced MP
  • Black box trading, high freq trading, nano second information processing
  • foreign trade and currency 4 trillion high freq trading
  • hisotry of galeon group
  • difference between all durations
  • portfolio of bonds
  • role and detailed modeling of how rating agency rate
  • Rating agency downgraded sbi
  • silver and gold manipulation by JP morgan
  • SAS exam
  • Excel most advanced modeling
  • Debt structure being changed
  • CAPM-CEU frequency
  • secured and unsecured
  • real or inflated
  • Bloomberg terminal
  • contra account
  • treasury stocks
  • After tax margin
  • cash margin
  • CFA L2 batch starts on 30th Oct
  • secured vs unsecured loan
  • capex
  • LBO leveraged buy out
  • Mosaic theory
  • is it 5 times?
  • after tax margin
  • Philip curve long run unemployment remains same (all factor vary, vs one factor)
  • minority interest
  • reform to put real values
  • all good movies on federal reserve
  • nasdaq is otc?
  • Revise regresson and its application for beta
  • diverisfied and undiversifeide
  • b vs SD are they of portfolios
  • why is market most diversifiable
  • different type of margins (derivatives and the table)
  • international eco and reporting in l3
  • comprehensive income l2
  • slope remains same diff
  • scenario analysis (sensitivity+best case+worst case)
  • sql for selection
  • baskets in der
  • growing dividend discount model
  • capitalization 100/20
  • valuation on of inventory
  • imparement of assetss and non tangible assets
  • forward rate agrremant
  • exchange vs swap vs option in derivatives
  • currency swap
  • CFO depreciation / impairment / capitalization of long termed assts
  • tough questions of calculation of good will where other company has good will etc
  • issuing bond at different rates and calculations

  • taylor
  • phillip
  • M2 mesure
  • Laffor curve
  • HHI index for monoply
  • Symmetry principle
  • CPI numerical calation

Companies in Hedge funds:
  • Northern trust
  • jp
  • tesa
  • RRD
  • DE Shaww
  • deulottee
  • copal

Research areas:
  • degree of freedom, and mathematical Equations used
  • Citibank Suzlon deal
  • Hedge funds India and USA
  • Analysis for merger done by IB
  • find Equity holders?
  • CFA for hedge funds
  • technical analysis
  • mutual funds usa in india
  • mymv margin maintainence, different type
  • boa india
  • spv legal and ratings
  • greek frm
  • oversubscribed
  • Euro printing
  • freddy and fanny
  • credit rating
  • nopat
  • cfp
  • credit ds
  • RBI website
  • option pricing
  • ve nture capitalist vs angel investors
  • business plan
  • frm var 2
  • best journals in finance
  • 'Nonlinear Markov games
These are list of topics I will slowly expand.

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