Monday, November 14, 2011

Formulas for CFA and how to deal with all the vast syllabus (CFA vs FRM correlations)

Formulas for exams and how to deal with all the vast syllabus
CFA vs FRM correlations 
By Satyadhar Joshi

Most of these formulas can be broken down into deep logical and sensible notions. Very few of them requires complex maths.

It was noticed that people said to me that formula would be a tough thing to understand but when I started reading there is no even a single formula that I need to memorize. All are based on common sense, all ratios, yes I do agree that being from engineering background and experience in reliability engineering some things of stat were easy for me. But then also I dont find anything to memorize.

There are 2 strategy to revise the formula, one is that you can use a formula or a summary book such as scz sause, or the other is that you can read all the LOS and think and understand what are the questions based on the LOS.

With less time for the exam, you should decide on what are the time constrains and depending on which you should decide a strategy for revision of formula.

There are list of formulas which you can get from various 3rd part sources, those would be very helpful but over doing memorization is not a good idea.

2 weeks before the Exam strategy should be very carefully made.

Linking CFA Level 1 to CFA level 2(CFA Level 1 vs. CFA level 2):
  1. Financial reporting analysis of Level 1 comes very much in level 2
  2. Corporate Finance depends a lot on Financial Reporting and are related, hence both are carried away same as they are
  3. Economics is not related but it is very tough to understand it, it is least related to level 2 (so least required level for 2)
  4. Alternative investment is an are that should not be taken lightly that is not interlinked with other areas and also less related to level 2

Linking CFA Level 1 to FRM Level 1(CFA Level 1 vs. FRM Level 1):
  1. Derivatives, Portfolio, Fixed income remains the same
  2. Corporate Finance is not related to FRM

Linking CFA Level 2 to FRM Level 1(CFA Level 2 vs. FRM Level 1): 
Derivatives, Portfolio, Fixed income, Quant remains the same and are useful

Hence depending on your combinations you can work this out.

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