Monday, November 7, 2011

CFA FRM SOA: Learn Finance to understand Credit Stock and Derivatives


CFA FRM: Learn Finance with easy and practical approach to understand Credit Stock and Derivatives.
Also helpful for those people preparing for CFA/FRM.

Logical/Analytical + Memory + English + Hard Work = CFA

I will try add some presentations on on docstocks, scribd, and add some forums, and also add some youtube videos on this site.

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CFA: Portfolio Manager, Equity Research
FRM: Risk Manager, Derivative Risk
FI: I think CFA but no course
Investment: CIIA
MSF Q / M Stat: Quant, Derivative Quant, Currency Quant

Ideal: CFA + FRM + MS Q = Quant
MBA+CFA= Great Fin career (fin but non quant)

Areas of Quant Research are in Derivative and Fixed income. Example Interest option derivative, and check Interest Rate Derivatives it is one of the biggest market like Forex and involves a lot of activity.

V. Mittal

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