Friday, May 26, 2017

Partnership for providing Investment/Risk Analytics Service for your Investment Fund in New York

Looking for Small size Investment Funds in New York

Need of our Services: For any small size investment fund competing with global players where span of funds are generally very short, tactical victories becomes the most important for its survival. Your competition is global (and not local) with innovative companies in USA/EU/India and companies that are taking advantage of cost arbitrage. Automation of VBA-Excel-SQL-R-Python gives the Analyst more time to look at the market and focus on their core expertise. The new areas to contemplate are computations and compilations moving on cloud, storing unstructured large data, and parallel editing.
Moreover, at the time when attrition is a problem (all time low unemployment with toughest skill immigration environment) , a well documented automated setup not only saves time for the current person but also makes it easy to transfer knowledge to new persons joining the team or expansion.

Power of Open Source: Use of SQL/R/VBA/Python/Latex helps to have better data handling and analytic capability. These open source technologies and come with no extra software cost and we provide training to develop the source code to enhance it into the future. Batch files process / shell programming can help you automate lot of manual processes.

Access to Talent in India: Our team at will not only help you in automation but also help you to get access to the 2nd biggest place to find programming talent on the globe after the US. Most of the big analytics research team outside US is located in Bangalore / Bombay and there is always a possibility to get the very right talent / small team / partnership in India at substantially low cost. Wrongly implemented offshoring model often destroys value rather than saving cost.

Criticality of Time: For a small investment startup (2-10 people), the most valuable thing is TIME and hence we help you to tactically get the mundane task out of system, revisit the bottleneck, and hence you can then focus on the main product / strategy that makes your startup special.

Cost Benefit and Agility: We are comprehensively more affordable than any other Analytics consultancy due to our size and expenses. We can start with a very small project (duration & cost) and then move ahead if things get going. We are looking to focus only on one fund for a duration of 6-12m.

Technologies: MATLAB, R, VBA, SAS, Latex, SQL, Python, MongoDB others.

Almost all of the small funds have problems or opportunities for improvement in your workflow. Senior Analyst can fix them if they had the time or could train their employees with such expertise?

Here are the list of problems that we handle:
  • Unforeseen, undocumented, forgiven, hidden cost of issues like below are bringing your profits
  • Poorly-understood, legacy framework mostly into excel—dilapidated on unknown, unstated assumptions
  • Slow process of calculations
  • Un-scalable excel models that are difficult to maintain, improve, replicate or extend
  • Increased pressure, requiring added reporting and enhanced auditing
  • Lack of in-house research resources for SQL and R – both of which are open source (free – with no extra burden)
  • Over-reliance on external novel untested software from vendors
  • Not using the power of Google Cloud (other cloud) for sharing files and parallel editing models and documentations
  • Cloud based Google Spreadsheet programming

QCFin provide quant automation and programming solutions for removing tech hurdles, enabling financial and consulting companies to create more value in their systems and employers which increases the valuation for the firm.

Domain of Analysis: From simple office tasks like automation of excel to more complex tasks like Monte Carlo simulations

About us: India is a vibrant startup and we are a small team (of three) working on Financial Analytics and have been in operation for over four years with a vast library of training videos, code and experience in Investment Projects and Automation. We have presence in NY and India making us aware of deficiencies, strengths and arbitrages that exist. We are looking for a right partner to form a tactical joint venture 6m-12m.
Team of Six: Two Senior Analyst (TBD), Shivgan Joshi (NYC), Ankit Virakta (NYC), Piyush L (Indore, India), Arpit Soni (Indore, India), other contractors based out of Indore, India and NY..
Bandwidth (per week): 40-80 hours onsite at NYC, 40-250 hours Indore, India. We commit to only one fund at one time for a time ranging from 6-18 months.
Pricing: 6-12 month Service Agreement.

Yours Sincerely,
Piyush L
International Business Development in New York, India

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