Thursday, November 26, 2015

Best Journals - List and ideas

Best Journals - List and ideas.

Private Equity
Human Organization
Israeli companies

Replying to Research done earlier this year in 2015 on the areas of our concern.

There are studies that suggest that the best journals in the area is

Another page that will help to get to best journals is

Ranking Comparison of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Journals

Journal of business Venturing: it is one the top ranked journal for entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Best papers to be used to prepare literature review

Om Paper innovation in Israel

Does plays a role? Links from Research Policy.

Journal of Information System:

Research Policy Journal:

 Acquiring long technology vs doing all the research has been a major question.

More References from Journal Product Innovation:

Organizational Research

Journal of Strategy Management

Journal of Business Venturing


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