Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Online Course on Basic Latex

For any reseacher or publisher Latex is the most important tool, for all MS / PhD Students who want to deal with big thesis Latex is the only solution. I use Latex interchangeably with Miktex which is shown below.

To start with please download the below files and install in the same order:

First step is to run Texstudios as shown in:

Second step: Opening an old file to get the syntax:
The extension for these files is .tex


\title{Proposed Change g}


The new section below

\section{New Formulas}

Given below are the formulas for standard deviations.

 \[Stdeev (P_{n}-P_{n+1}) \] 

\[ \frac{P_{n+1}- P_{n}}{P_{n}}\] 

Not much of a paper, but it's a start.


The above code in italic is the first code you should execute.

This begins your journey in Latex.

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