Friday, October 10, 2014

Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) Strategy Report

BAT can be divided into two parts basically - Aptitude part & Finance Part.
  • Aptitude Part - Aptitude part is basically only around 20% of the entire test, but can be very tough for someone who has never practiced these types of questions. Generally, these questions are asked in GRE/GMAT exams & vary from Data interpretation, Reasoning & Analytical part. Practicing such questions for BAT is of great importance as this can directly impact your result & can make the difference between top group & average group of candidates.
  • Finance Part - Entire test's main focus is on the Finance part with questions coming from various domains. If you have prepared for CFA Level 1 which is very similar to BAT, then you are in a good position to tackle this section. Also, if you have already rich knowledge of Finance (a background of finance) then also you are in a good position to tackle this part, then entire focus shifts to the Aptitude part which turns into a make or break issue.
 Here is the course link of the BAT Exam Prep Course -

After you register for course, please focus on these points:
  1. There is a section on the Chart of the Day; you can view the recordings for the same to excel in that section. You can practice at your end by searching "Bloomberg Chart of the Day" on the internet. 
  2. CFA L1 course is very similar to the BAT course & your preparation for the same would help you with BAT as well.
  3. A good focus is given on the Bloomberg Terminal part which forms a considerable chunk of the BAT exam. This course will take you through the intricacies of Bloomberg Terminal in detail.
  4. News related to finance is also of great importance & this course focus on the same in detail.
  5. Formal Studies in Finance certainly helps & this course complements your strength of finance with special focus on Aptitude. Thus, giving you that Extra Edge!  

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