Thursday, October 24, 2013

FRM Part 2 Free Audio Class

Part of Financial Risk Manager Course Online Free (Part 2) Exam
Financial risk management exam focuses on qualitative aspects of Credit Market and Operational Risk. In my audio course I have tried to cover all aspects for the exam. The FRM part 2 curriculum has many topics where qualitative aspects of the syllabus.
About the course: The course was built for FRM Part 2 Nov 2013 Exam. There are several times I have referred to questions which are from Schweser 2013. To refer to any questions please use the Schweser books.
In case of any doubt feel free to contact us.
With about 70 Videos & 20+ hrs of recordings available online.
Complete Online Course.
All the playlists can be accessed at:

Paste below the playlist for FRM Part 2 Audio Course

Example: Playlist of Portfolio Management FRM Part 2 - Free Audio Course

Questions and learning for entire FRM market risk / credit risk
In summary redo all.

22 old questions * 4  (3 audios)

Emerging Issues
Operational risk BASEL norms
BASE 2 and 3
first part of market risk (extreme value etc)

Or in other words:

Eight more in Credit risk:
Credit risk Quant techniques
Portfolio Credit Risk - Focus on questions
Structural Credit risk - Focus on questions
5 Counter-party - Focus on questions

First 3 of credit risk

Market risk
trading book
MBS lots of them 5 questions that could be asked

Theory Done:
PPT required in OR and integrated risk managment
Loss of Data
Sound management of Operational Risk
Principles of sound management
IT Infrastructure
revision to Basel 2
Comparative Assessment

Portfolio Analytic
Investment risk
Performance measurement
Hedge Funds
Private Equity
Trust and Delegation

Emergin issues
first two

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