Monday, May 6, 2013

My Wiziq Profile

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Name: Shivgan Joshi.

Instructor: CFA, BAT, GMAT, VBA, MATLAB & other Finance related fields.

More Than 2 Years Experience in Online Teaching Field.

My Courses on Offer:

VBA for Financial Engineering & Modelling (

Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT) Exam Prep (

MATLAB for Financial Engineering (

CFA (L1)/FRM Exam/Bloomberg Assessment Test/ MATLAB-R-VBA: Study Group (

GRE Revised Online Study Prep Group: On Demand Online Classes (

GMAT Verbal & Quantitative Online Classes Study Group Prep Course Live (

Total Learners - 1000+

Total Published Tests - 100+ containing 1000+ Questions.

Total Tutorials - 250+

Total Class Recordings - 200+

My Network - About 500 Contacts & 800 Followers.

130 Member Recommendations.

Email ID -

Website -

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"Great class. I tackled some questions that normally scare me off and gained a pretty good understanding in a short time period. He also provides excellent explanations and is a very patient instructor."
James Davermann -

"class was excellent"
Sridevi Kesavarapu -

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