Saturday, February 9, 2013

Equity / Corporate Quant Finance

I plan to start course on Quant Equity. This could include quant index, beta computations, different style of index, equity derivatives, importance of volume traded, value growth differences, emerging and developed markets relations, how index are made, using ric ticker, etc equity database research, etc.

Corporate quant fiance will be another important area.

1) Inter-corporate investment forms the heard of IB.

2) Minority interest is the main thing here. Proforma MI and how it is placed in IS BS.

3 Three types of securities and effect of the financials in recession is helpful.

4) Since the operations of the company are most of time abroad aspects of accounting needs to learned. Currency might play a very important role.

5) Adjustments for long lived assets for creating a future BS IS is another important aspect one must know.

This balances the approach on CFA L2 and BAT.

These form an integral part of the IB learning. A 20 page slide would be good enough on this.

Target videos to be developed:
  1. Advanced Equity 15min
  2. Methods of Analysis 15min
  3. Corporate Finance 15min
  4. Other Finance 15min
  5. M&A 15min
  6. Pensions 15min
  7. Translations 15min
  8. Ethics 15min

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