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Bloomberg Aptitude Test Prep Online Course

Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) Prep Online Course (20 hours course)

Strategically built course to crack the BAT exam.

Note: Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) was earlier known as Bloomberg Assessment Test.

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Course highlights:
  • One on One classes available.
  • Demo class can be scheduled as per convenience.
  • Helps to crack BAT Exam that helps you to land a top Interview.
  • Not just BAT, this course also helps in your preparation for other exams like CFA & FRM.
  • Get Knowledge about latest news & get much needed knowledge of various fields/topics of finance.
  • Get access to live, recorded, doubt clearing classes along with materials & tests to crack BAT.
  • Increased focus on aptitude part according to new BAT.

Language of Instruction - English. 


Class No.
Strategy to take Bloomberg Assessment test
(1 hr)
2 & 3
FRA/Corporate/Equity Valuations/Ratios
(4 hrs)
Investment Banking
(2 hrs)
Bloomberg terminal
(1 hr)
6 & 7
Bond/Fixed Income Market/Derivatives
(4 hrs)
Economics revision/Federal Reserve
(2 hrs)
Interpreting Market News
(2 hrs)
Analytical Reasoning
(2 hrs)
Revision/Extra session
(2 hrs)

Areas of focus:
  1. Sensitization on derivative, quant, fixed income, portfolio, VAR modeling.
  2. Introduction to all features of Bloomberg Terminal.
  3. Provide introduction about all profiles in Finance.
  4. Right mix of data analytical, ethics & finance concepts.
  5. Examples with real data to enhance your IQ (US Municipal Bonds).
  6. Under the applicability and use on Bloomberg or Reuters websites (Introduction to tickers, RIC).
  7. Real life examples & real cases which are currently hot in the market.
  8. New Interpretation, terminologies & basic IQ for the subject covered.
  9. Along with financial aspects, increased focus on Aptitude section according to new BAT. 
  10. Investment Banking questions (synergy, leverage buyout and IPO not covered with much details in CFA).
  11. News Interpretation of Bond Markets (names of US based bonds, in general credit risk is a famous area to understand yields and spreads).
  12. Practical questions on financial markets.

Important points of the course:
  1. Highly flexible and tailored as per needs of individual.
  2. Sensitization on derivative, quant, fixed income, portfolio & VAR modeling.
  3. Gives introduction to all features of Bloomberg Terminal.
  4. Provide introduction about all profiles in Finance.
  5. Helpful for passing FRM, CFA & other Finance certification exams.
  6. Prepares for career advancement in financial analysis.
  7. Helpful for MBA Finance aspirants.


      Tutorials - 46        Class Recordings - 45        Tests - 61


      Live Classes - Scheduled for weekends ----- Doubt Clearing Classes - As per convenience ----- Free Demo Class ----- One on One Classes also available.

      About the instructor:
      • Got 68% score in BAT (among 90 percentile globally).
      • Cleared CFA Level 1 & FRM Level 1 Exams.
      • Have immense experience in online teaching (more than 2 years).

      BAT Exam Structure:

      Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) consists of 8 sections with 100 questions to be answered in 2 hours.

      Source: Bloomberg Institute

      • News Analysis – Consists of 12 questions designed to assess the capability to use information from news articles. 
      • Economics – Consists of 12 questions designed to assess the application of Economic Concepts. 
      • Math Skills – Consists of 14 questions designed to assess the broad-spectrum math skills, with an emphasis on finance related math. 
      • Analytical Reasoning – Consists of 12 questions designed to assess the problem solving ability. 
      • Financial Statement Analysis – Consists of 12 questions designed to assess the basic understanding of financial statements.
      • Investment Banking – Consists of 12 questions designed to assess how one applies the fundamental principles of financing & strategic advisory performed by an Investment Banking. 
      • Global Markets – Consists of 14 questions designed to assess familiarity with a broad range of concepts, current events, and trends in the global financial markets that are presented in the media.
      • Chart & Graph Analysis - Consists of 12 questions designed to assess your ability to interpret & use information found in charts & graphs.

      Strategy To Crack BAT: Leave no weakness: Importance of balance --- Have it all ready for the exam --- Play time bound game --- Explore public files.

      Quant & Verbal:
      • Logical Reasoning
      • Quant
      • Verbal
      • Strategy for geometry, probability, reading comprehension, critical reasoning, table formation.
      • 1 set of questions.
      About Bloomberg Terminal:
      • B-terminal (ticker) data from Bloomberg
      • Reuter RIC.
      • Importing on excel.
      • Shortcuts.
      • Basic idea about terminals like Factset, capital IQ, etc.
      News Analysis:
      • News of Financial Markets.
      • Chart of the day.
      • Importance of Federal Reserve and market direction.
      • Reading &
      Advanced Equity Valuation:
      • Sector to understand: Oil & Energy vs. Technology vs. Healthcare etc.
      • Adjustments & apple-apple comparison of intra sector Companies.
      • FCFE & FCFF for valuation.
      • Making Projection: Element by Element.
      • Intuitive understanding of formula EV/EBITDA.
      • Computing CFO from various methods.
      • Equity CFA L2.
      Investment Banking:
      • EV/EBITDA
      • Transaction vs. Trading multiple
      • Rating effect on spreads
      • Share buy back
      • Monte Carlo
      • Effect of P/E on acquisition
      • Synergy
      • Google buying Motorola (specials on patents)
      • IPO (Facebook)
      • Corporate Finance CFA L2
      CFA Level2:
      • Equity (transaction vs. trading multiples).
      • Corporate Finance: corporate action.
      • Financial Reporting Analysis: Consolidation.
      • International economics.
      • Cash flow calculations.
      • Mistakes improvement.


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