Sunday, July 16, 2017

Craiglist Adds

Financial Modeling Tutor $25/hr (Midtown)

I am a former investment fund analyst and experienced in investment banking. 

Offering lessongs on excel, especially build models for companies.

Very affordable rate of $25, and you will be given all the skills needed to land a job at a hedge fund, investment bank, or private equity firm.

Valuation Methods for Companies, putting together models, write-ups, and presentations.

This is a very limited service and is temporarily offered for this month while I am vacation and interested to share what I learned.

Take advantage while you can, hours are limited, availability also at 6 pm - just after your office.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning how to be an finance/excel expert! Thank you!    

Google Sheets and App Script (JavaScript) tutor $25/hr (Manhattan)

I am a tutor for Google App script (Java script) used for automation in Google sheets. If your company is using google sheet learning automation will help you to progress. Also, important for business students.
Charge $25/hour.
Location: All in NYC area.
Please get in touch


GRE / GMAT Quant / Quantitative/ Math Tutor $25/hr

GRE / GMAT Quant Tutor
Experience in tutoring, videos online and good references.
Price $25 per hour
5 years of exp in quantitative GRE GMAT tutoring
From the author of FreeGREGMATClass dot com
Check out the youtube videos contributed by students and tutors for FGGC
First session of 30 minutes is free.   

Quantitative Math Excel VBA $25/hr (New York)

Tutoring Data Science has been my hobby and recreational activity. Many tutoring projects are volunteering and networking oriented (getting new insight). I do it so that I can revise what I do at school and at work. I am an Electrical Engineering graduate, GAARP-FRM certified, PG Dip in Fin analysis and Risk Management, cleared CFA L1, International - MBA (15-16).

I have extensive teaching experience with students of various profiles and backgrounds where I have learned and enhanced my skills and also helped learners. I am also an extremely friendly person. I have taken many online classes as tutor on has tutors available for meetups (mix of onsite at home & online through Wiziq/Skype/Adobe-connect & custom videos support emailed to you for your doubts on holidays)

Subject areas teach includes: Quantitative Methods for GRE / SAT / GMAT, CFA L1, FRM L1, MATLAB/R/SPSS for Quant, Excel-VBA Programming. Quantitiative and Analytics Excel programming & VBA programming.

Sub topics:

Basics of Excel: Vlookups, Hlookups, Index Match, Dependents, Data tables (1 way and 2 ways), Pivots, Charting, Filters, SQL integration, VBA coding, Address and indirect, Offset, Array functions, etc.

Applications: Regression, Histograms, Monte carlo simulation, rank correlation, dashboards, more.
Automation using VBA: Loops (for, do while, case), Recorder, Arrays and Matrices, if else, indexing, etc.


Playlist of sample quant videos:

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Office Automation on Excel VBA Python SQL R (new york)

We provide official automation services on Excel VBA Python SQL R. 

Automation is the next biggest revolution, legacy methods if not replaced by automation will reduce the productivity of the firm which might even lead to extinction.

Our can reduce a lot of manual work and use lot of Excel Analytics features, our clients have reduced work by upto 50-70% which helped me focus on their product and other value addition to their core business.

Get more hours from your employees and more robust analytical framework!

Please contact me for more details about various processes that we can automate.    

Statistics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistical Computing, R   

Tutoring for statistics, machine learning, and data science. The focus includes statistical theory as well as its application, building models. That includes the following: 
•Theory Courses: Probability, Statistical Inference, Bayesian Statistics, Decision Theory, Point Estimation, High-Dimensional Inference, Time Series, and other MS/Ph.D. courses

•Machine Learning: Ridge Regression, LASSO, Basis Pursuit, Supervised/Unsupervised Learning, Neural Network, Statistical Learning Theory 

•Social Science: Causal Inference, Hierarchical Model, Multiple Imputation, Matching

•Statistical computing: R programming, Matlab, STATA, Python, Java, C


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