Saturday, June 17, 2017

VBA Consultancy in NYC

Excel VBA Course Lesson 1: Introduction to VBA and Recording Macros
 Lesson 2: The VB Editor
Lesson 3: Writing VB Code - Introduction to Variables, Decision and Looping Controls Lesson
4: Graceful Error Handling Lesson
5: Excel Functions, User Defined Functions, and Workbook Events Lesson
6: Object Variables, Array Variables, Indefinite Loops Lesson
7: User Forms and Controls Lesson
8: Excel Resources

Vba (Visual Basic) Programming.
Custom Access Database Design And Development.
Spreadsheet Design And Editing.
We Can Build Your Solution In Excel, Access, Mssql, Mysql, Oracle, And More.
Output Reports In Almost Any Format. (Pdf , Excel, Word, Etc)
Automate Time-Consuming Process In Excel Or Access
With Macros And Vba (Visual Basic For Applications)
Routines, Saving You Hours Of Time Doing Labor Intensive

We Assist Small Businesses By Creating Solutions In Microsoft Excel And Access.
• Automate Reporting
• Write Macros To Improve Your Workflow
• Cleanup Outdated Data
• Create Custom Forms Or Surveys (For Internal Or External Use)
• Build Customer Relationship Management (Crm) Systems
• Build Databases

Over Five Years' Experience Creating Solutions For Companies Large And Small.

Successful Projects Include Building A Tracking Database For A Start-Up Drug-Testing Laboratory, Creating A Customer Relationship Management System For An Oil & Gas Services Company, And Developing A Custom Macro To Assist With The Collection Of Data And Automation Of Processes.

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Do you need your business to run more efficiently?

I have been developing custom Microsoft Access datatbase and SQL Server database applications in and around the New York area for over 15 years. From small businesses to Not For Profit Organizations to large corporations, my work has saved my client's time and money. I have done work for such companies as ABC, among others. I have experience in the following fields: Accounting, CRM Systems, Hedge Funds, Trading Systems, Budgeting, Inventory, Medical Recordkeeping, and many other diversified experiences.

Many companies have their business spread out in different formats using different programs. I will combine your business into one program, thus making your business run more efficiently. A professionally developed client server Access application can save your company time and money.

For most small and medium projects, Access provides all the tools and facilitates rapid development. Many times companies try to develop these type of applications in-house and run into multiple problems. I can take a project that was started and complete it in a timely fashion. I can develop applications from scratch, or upgrade existing applications, or convert a current program into Access.

My applications are solidly coded using object-oriented VBA techniques, DAO, ADO, ODBC, etc. not a collection of macros. This includes installation of the program and I will provide training and documentation if requested.

My work will save your company time and money and that is the bottom line. Also include a brief description of your project.

*** Automatic emails sent utilizing excel and outlook with the ability to send 100s at a time.
*** Macros to reduce daily processes spent on timely tasks.
*** Customized, automated, & streamlined reporting from small and large data sets

*** Financial modeling and analysis
*** Preparing business analysis and building valuation models to receive capital
*** Quoting and pricing tools that incorporate the use of forms

*** Projects and assignment
*** Prove-It Tests
*** Tutoring

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