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Tutoring/Learning/Sessions/Class on: Learn how to convert Excel/VBA to Google Sheets GAP (Google App Script)

Tutoring/Learning/Sessions/Class on: Learn how to convert Excel/VBA to Google Sheets GAP (Google App Script)

Seasoned tutor with excellent attitude to help new learners.
I am teaching a course on VBA to GAS conversions. Have experience in training tutoring mentoring 100s of students in analytics. Taken courses and developed courses for various online course providers.

Class 1 Topic of Teaching/tutoring:
Can you run macros on Google Sheets?
You can run macros in Google Sheets, as long as they're written in Google Apps Script, a JavaScript-based language built into Google Apps.
You cannot directly run Excel macros in Google Sheets. Although, You can rewrite the scripts in Google Apps Script.

Class 2: Application of GAS for Cloud Engineering & Changing of Investment Analytics

Class 3:
VBA vs Google Sheet programming and Automation - evolving landscape
Batch file / Command line - simultaneous editing of tens of thousands of files on Google drive
Access the spreadsheet and run macro on any device
Cloud compiling and parallel editing of data - Code to be compiled and parallely on the cloud
Scraping of Data from Internet (Like Factset S&P) and putting it on Cloud or using Google finance or apps
Automation and Volatility trading - changing volatility and portfolio balancing

Class 4: Custom class based on students requirement: Is your company switching from Office to Google Docs and you want to learn it?
Example topics for the tutoring session:
Customer 1: I had this (several) code I want to use in Google Spreadsheets but I have no idea on how to do that.
Customer 2: Had great problems when I wrote about starting my effort to convert a complex VBA project to Google Apps Script. Just wanted to emulate a few VBA functions and do a little tweaking.

Class 5: Summary, revision an samples:
Migrating Excel VBA Macros to Google Sheets/Apps Script: Data reshaping in columns and rows.
One of the things to remember when moving from the Excel to the Google Sheets is that:
Every interaction you make with a spreadsheet comes with a performance hit.
Also Apps Script has a 5-10 minute execution limit and other quotas to consider.

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