Friday, September 26, 2014

Recommended Reading For Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) - Economics & News

To the test takers of Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT), we recommend three important personalities in the field of economics that you should follow very closely:

  • Nicholas Gregory Mankiw - Professor & Chairman of the economics department at Harvard University. He is best for his work on New Keynesian economics. He has been the Chairman of the council of Economic Advisers under the Presidency of George W Bush. A conservative & popular blog writer. He has a best-selling textbook to his name - Principles of Economics. For someone to make a career in the field of finance, Greg Mankiw is an Ideal person to follow.

  • William Hunt "Bill" Gross - Born in 1944, American Financial Manger & author. He is the co-founder of Pacific Investment Management (PIMCO). He left PIMCO to join Janus this year.
        Recommended Readings:

  1. Bill Gross (1977) - Everything You've Heard About Investing is Wrong!
  2. Bill Gross (1998) - Bill Gross on Investing.

  • Paul Krugman - For Many of us, Paul Krugman hardly needs any introduction. At 61, he is one of the most noted Economist of America. He has been associated with Princeton University & London School of Economics. His fields have been International Economics & Macroeconomics. He a regular columnists, author of many books & articles. 

More such posts to come............