Monday, June 11, 2012

Reinsurance Interview Prep Questions

In this post I am going to talk about Reinsurance, like CDS this is another very interesting area.

Important Points:
  1. Two types of Reinsurance: Facultative and Treaty.
  2. Reliability of Big Machines and how they could fail is an engineering area which needs to be put in a Business case for the Facilitative Reinsurance.
  3. A profile of Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering is useful to capture reliability of these devices and when they could fail causing an event. 
  4. Exotic Insurance like CDS Swap, defaults do they come under reinsurance?
  5. Catastrophe modeling: Various distributions 
  6. Securitization 
  7. Reinsurance Side Car:
  8. Catastrophe Bonds and trends
  9. Poisson Distribution, I think I saw this operation Risk in FRM as well. Levy process, Bayes estimation.
  10. Monte Carlo, Pareto Distribution, Bootstrapping, we often see these terms in Insurance Analytic 
  11. Some Actuarial Exams has this General Insurance paper which your should refer

These are some of the topics that you might find helpful. There are very less jobs in Reinsurance and hence this area is not explored for Job prospectus. Jobs for entry level are with Reinsurance Brokers.


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