Saturday, December 27, 2014

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One of the books I often hear about is "Stochastic Calculus for Finance I by Steven E. Shreve"

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Online Course on Basic Latex

For any reseacher or publisher Latex is the most important tool, for all MS / PhD Students who want to deal with big thesis Latex is the only solution. I use Latex interchangeably with Miktex which is shown below.

To start with please download the below files and install in the same order:

First step is to run Texstudios as shown in:

Second step: Opening an old file to get the syntax:
The extension for these files is .tex


\title{Proposed Change g}


The new section below

\section{New Formulas}

Given below are the formulas for standard deviations.

 \[Stdeev (P_{n}-P_{n+1}) \] 

\[ \frac{P_{n+1}- P_{n}}{P_{n}}\] 

Not much of a paper, but it's a start.


The above code in italic is the first code you should execute.

This begins your journey in Latex.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

ACET Exam Prep

ACET Exam Strategy

Calculator used Casio: FX 82 MS
Price of calculator: 425

Calculations shows:
Nth root
one memory function

eigen value vector
5 marks

memory storage  -

Deriving all series formulas

Taylor series and Maclaurin series

Eigenvectors and eigenvalues

Lagrangian multipliers

negative expansion
eigen vales

ap gp hp


Maclaurin series

Taylor series 

2nd moment
Newton rhadpin

The 2nd moment for continuous and discrete distributions.

There is great deal of depth in getting parameters of Poisson distributions

Newton Rhapson steps are tricky - answer at nth step

So from the fundamentals - they did touch last areas given at the end of each chapter

Also Diff of integration needs to be revisited