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Make Your Brand Online by Website Building & Google SEO [For Teachers Only] Course


A Unique Course for Teachers to better market themselves with Online Marketing Tools Such as Websites, Google SEO, Blog, Social Networking Sites, Videos, etc.

This Course will increase the Visibility of a Teacher & thus have a great Positive Impact on the Revenue.

Some Important Points:

1.      Requires absolutely no knowledge of programming.
2.      Contains right blend of learning and practice (Ratio 6:4).
3.      Highly flexible and tailored as per needs of individual.
4.      How to make your own website within hours.
5.      Introduction to HTML, PHP & CSS.
6.      Search Engine Optimization – Importance & complete explanation.
7.      Understanding the Wiziq Platform & its Features.
8.      Understanding the importance of Social Networking Sites, YouTube Videos, Document uploading, etc.
9.      Importance of Blogging as a Tool for SEO.
10. Other topics Covered – Google Tools, Tune-up Utilities, YouTube Analytics, other teaching platforms along with a doubt clearing session.

Course Structure:

Class No.Class No.Class No.
1Wiziq Features & How To Use Them Better1 Hour
2How To Make a Professional Presentation1 Hour
3How To Make your Own Website/Introduction To CSS, PHP & HTML1 Hour
4Search Engine Optimization (SEO)1 Hour
5Using Google Tools Better1 Hour
6Document Uploading/Making Videos1 Hour
7Blogging/Social Networking.1 Hour
8Tune Up Utilities/Webmaster Tools/YouTube Analytics1 Hour
9Other Teaching Platforms/Branding yourself Better.1 Hour
10Revision & Doubt Clearing Session.1 Hour

Benefits of the Course:
  • After this course, you can enhance your revenue manifold since it enhances your online visibility considerably
  •  Learn how to make your own website.
  •  Learn SEO & how to implement it.
  •  How to increase your Online Visibility.
  • Personal Reports (on the steps that should be taken) will be issued to each enrollee to increase his/her revenue.
  • Sample Report is uploaded on Wiziq.

About Google Tools:
  • Ad words – It is an online advertising tool of Google. Ad words offers pay per click advertising option.
  • Ad sense – It is a free & simple way for website publishers to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on there websites.
  • Sitemap – Sitemap/s is a way to inform Google about pages on one’s website which might not be discovered otherwise.
  • Analytics – Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that provides statistics & basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) & marketing purposes.
  • Webmaster Tools – If you are an owner of a website than Google webmaster tool is used to show detail about website or optimization, it shows where your website ranking is, is there any problem in website, which website link to us etc.
  • Calendar – It is a free time-management web application offered by Google.
  • Docs – It is a free, web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, form & data storage service offered by Google.
  • Page Rank – Google consider links to be like votes. In addition, it considers some votes are more important than others. Page rank is a Google's system of counting link votes & determining which pages are most important based on them. These scores are than used along with many other things to determine if a page will rank well in a search.
Basics of Blogging:
  • Blogging has become one of the most important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool because, search engines like Google & yahoo knows that a blog is frequently updated with content or visitor comments thus Optimized Faster.
  • Advantage of blogging is that it doesn’t requires writers & contributors to know a lot about HTML.
  • Areas covered in this course: 
  1.   Traffic exchange programs
  2. Link exchange
  3. Free hits & unique visitors
  4. Counters
  5. Bloggers
  6. BlogSpot
  7. Other blogs

Making Your Own Website in 2 hours:

  • Basics of HTML editors.
  • Creation of Back links.
  •  Back links from Edu.
  • Submission to Directories.
  • HTML.
  • Introduction to HTML, PHP & CSS.
  • Also, SEO techniques & how to implement them explained.

Features of Wiziq:

  • Tutorials
  • Sharing Screen.
  • Tests.
  • How to make your Classes more Attractive.
  • Course Feed.
  • Recorded Class or Live Class, which should be preferred?
  • Other Features of Wiziq.

Importance of Document Uploading:

       Advantages of Documents upload.
       Important Websites:

  • Scribd
  • Docstoc
  • Wiziq
  • Slideshare

       Comparing different Document Hosting Websites.
       Where to Stop?


  • Importance of Videos.
  • Platforms:
  • YouTube
  • Metacafe
  • Adobe Connect
  • Google Videos
  • Comparison of Different Platforms.

Other Teaching Platforms:
Blueteach -
Examville -
Another Option Can Be - Google Hangout

Contact Details:

Shivgan (Course Teacher) -

Arpit (Course Manager) - /


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