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10 Hours Course on Introduction To CFT (Certified Financial Technician)/CMT (Chartered Market Technician)

10 Hours course with 5 classes on Understanding CFTe/CMTe @Wiziq (Coming up in the month of April)

Course Structure:

Class TopicDuration
1Technical Analysis of Stock Trend2 Hours
2Technical Analysis - The Complete Resource2 Hours
3Technical Analysis Explained2 Hours
4The Definitive Guide To Point & Figures2 Hours
5Revision2 Hours 

CFTe or Certified Financial Technician Certification gives one an International Professional Qualification in Technical Analysis.The exam is of Two levels & is designed to test the technical skill knowledge along with the understanding of ethics & market of the examinees. 

Level I- A multiple choice test with 120 questions, testing mainly the Technical knowledge.

Level II- A theoretical Level in which essay based questions are asked requiring extensive technical as well as real life knowledge of the.

CMT or Chartered Market Technician Certification is very similar to the CFT Certification, wherein candidates are required to demonstrate proficiency in Technical Analysis. Unlike CFT, CMT consists of three levels, Level 1 & 2 consists of multiple choice questions while Level 3 consists of short answer type questions.

The Objectives of the CMT Program are:

  • To Professionalize the field of Technical Analysis.
  • To Promote High Ethical & Professional Standards.
  • To Guide Candidates in Mastering a Professional Body of knowledge.

Clearing in all three levels of CMT helps a candidate become an International Professional Technical Analyst.

The course of these two certifications are almost similar & will be covered completely in the course.

Classwise Breakup:

Class 1 - Technical Analysis of Stock Trend:
  • The Dow Theory
  • Important Reversal Patterns
  • Support & Resistance
  • Trendlines & Channels

Class 2 - Technical Analysis: The Complete Resource:
  • Measuring Market Strengths
  • Temporal Patterns & Cycles
  • Flow of Funds
  • Moving Averages

Class 3 - Technical Analysis Explained:
  • Individual Momentum Indicators
  • The concept of Relative Strength
  • Volume: General Principles & Volume Oscillators

Class 4 - The Definitive Guide to Point & Figure:
  • Introduction to Point & Figure Charts
  • Characteristics & Construction
  • Understanding Point & Figure Charts
  • Projecting Price Targets

Class 5 - Revision:
  • Thorough Revision of the areas studied
  • Doubt Clearing
  • Can be set-up as per needs 

Some Important Links & Points relevant to CFT:
  • Exam Fee- Level 1: US $ 500, Level 2: US $ 800
  • 2.5 Hours with 120 questions.
  • Focuses on 6 Broad areas.
  • Medium Difficulty.
  • 4 choices, 1 correct.
  • No Work Experience Required.
  • Less Online Resources.

Some Important Links & Points relevant to CMT:
  • 2 Hours, 135 Questions
  • 4 Choices, 1 correct.
  • Easier exam compared to CFTe.
  • Better Online resource than CFTe.
  • Work Experience required.

COURSE TEACHER: Shivgan Joshi (,


References of some important links: - New York Institute of Finance is offering a course though.

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